About Coyote & Wolf

This blog is the thoughts, feelings, screeds, diatribes, jeremiads, lamentations, threats, and other ethical and political meanderings of Rowan WalkingWolf. This blog exists foremost as a means of compiling and organizing my many rants and essays, in the hopes of potentially publishing them in the future. The works contained within this page are uncompromisingly anarchist, feminist, and primitivist, i.e., anti-state, anti-authoritarian, anti-patriarchy, anti-capitalist, and anti-civilization. Pretty much anti-everything. It is my hope that these philosophical musings embody the essence of my two greatest teachers: Coyote, the Trickster, the Teacher of Hard Lessons and the Sower of Mischief, and Wolf, the Hunter, the Fierce Spirit of the Wild, and when needs be the Swift Destroyer.


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